Long view of a farm.  in the forefront on each side are concrete pots filled with plants. there is a brown much walk way through the center.

Improving mind, body, and spirit

About Joanne D’Auria

Joanne D’Auria is a Horticultural Therapist who has created on site and virtual programs for Brooklyn Botanic Garden to serve all ability populations. Joanne has a Horticultural Therapy Certificate from New York Botanical Garden and holds an undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College in Fine Arts and Education.  She served as a steering committee member of Museum Arts Culture Access Consortium (MAC) and is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Horticultural Therapy Network.

This is a photo of Joanne D'Auria with white shoulder length hair, blue top standing next to a red amaryllis flower in a room that has several plants and flowers surrounding her.

HortAbility LLC, New York, NY