HortAbility offers therapeutic and enrichment programs for children and adults using plants and nature as the medium for wellness. We believe that everyone can benefit from horticultural therapy. Here are the programs we offer:

On Site

Programs can be facilitated at nursing homes, assisted living, schools or at a botanic or community garden. Participants will have a hands-on sensory experience about a variety of plant topics using actual plants. Included will be a planting or nature craft activity.


Virtual programs are available for participants that cannot experience a nature setting in person. Through a variety of video and photos, we will bring the outdoors inside for the enjoyment of the participants. We will also talk about seasonal plantings, recipes, house plants, herbs and many other topics.


This program can be facilitated virtually or in person. The goal of this program is to give caregivers special time to relax and reconnect. Caregivers can enjoy the benefits of nature and recharge for the important work they provide.

Program Partners: